Elbow Pain

The two most common injuries that are amenable to RIT and remove nicely are the lateral and medial injury of the tendons ligaments of the elbow. The medial called golfers and the lateral is tennis elbow. This is not what generally causes these conditions but it does happen. Lateral epicondylitis is much more common and has several more structures involved. This part of the elbow joint has most of the moving parts and allows the forearm to rotate. All of the connective tissue is repairable and is not amenable to surgery. If left alone, it may never repair to its normal state. The scar tissue that is created by the trauma to this area can last for years. Fortunately, it is repaired by the application for PRP or PTM ( placenta tissue matrix). It is one of the slower to respond compared to other connective tissue injuries. This is because it is very difficult to keep from using the action of this joint. Therefore the use of bracing for the first three weeks post-treatment with PRP or other orthobiologics is very important for a full and relatively speedy recovery.