Orthobiologics: Regenerative injection techniques using stem cells, PRP, and human growth factors from biological sources.

Our fundamental goal at Maui Regenerative Medicine (MRM) is to provide cutting edge orthopedic treatments with outstanding outcomes.

Orthobiologics uses human cells (mesenchymal stem cell /MSC) and tissue products  (HCT/P)  that are recognized as homologous use in their application by the FDA.  These include human growth factors, regenerative cellular components, tissue cytokines, connective tissue matrix-which have shown to improve the outcome and effectiveness of the treatment for injured joints, ligaments, tendons and bone.

Dr Davison has used orthobiologic treatments  since 2002 . He was the first to bring the use of platelet rich plasma to Hawaii and currently continues to set the standard for most orthopedic regenerative treatments.

He was also one of the first clinicians to use autologous (from the patient) fat derived stem cells in 2012.

This technique worked well for younger healthier patients but not so well for those over 50 years old of for those who have other health conditions also known as co-morbidities .

Through trial and research he found that the body’s own stem cells had two distinct disadvantages:

  1. The age of the cells and tissue growth factors influenced their effectiveness.Younger donors=better results.
  2. Older and less healthy donors had less scaffolding cytokines-These are needed to form a base for the remodeling of new connective tissue.

Those potential obstacles were overcome through the discovery of perinatal or placenta derived growth factors and stem cells.

Umbilical cord stem cells are essentially more vital than  older msc’s from bone marrow or adipose tissue sources. In the literature they are referred to as Wharton’s jelly derived msc’s and growth factors.

We have found umbilical cord derived products very effective in regenerating damaged and degenerative joints ligaments and tendon tissue.


This chart is a detailed analysis of the main growth factors derived from different orthobiologic sources. Notice that the “checks” represent the presence and relative amounts of these cytokine/growth factors and MSC’s. More checks represents a greater quantity of the referenced substance.

Predictive Biotech Chart

We have sourced the best biotech companies to supply all of our orthobiologic products. They take the extra steps to identify the optimal tissue source from which to derive the human cell and tissue products -HCT/P, to better support the body’s natural regenerative process and hasten the repair.

Over time healthy tissue can become damaged due to age and injury. Quality orthobiologic products or allografts are skillfully administered to a recipient to repair, reconstruct, replace or supplement the same basic functions of the recipients cells or tissues.

Human Cell & Tissue Products

Stem Cell Therapy Chart