Orthobiologics: Regenerative injection techniques using stem cells, PRP, and growth factors from biological sources

The fundamental goal of the Maui Regenerative Medicine (MRM) program is to provide cutting-edge treatments with a sound scientific foundation.

Orthobiologics uses biological substances—growth factors, stem cells, placenta tissue matrix, tissue cytokines—to greatly improve the rate and effectiveness for the treatment of injured joints, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Since 2002, orthobiologics have been utilized by Dr.Davison, clinical director of Maui Regenerative Medicine since 1989, as the first to use platelet rich plasma (PRP) for orthopedics in Hawaii, he continues to set the standard for most orthopedic regenerative treatments.

MRM Clinic has been using autologous (from the patient), fat-derived stem cells since 2013. Treatment of worn knees, hips, shoulders and ankles was very successful. Yet there were a few conditions—such as bone-on-bone arthritis that were not responding as well.

Through research, he found that the body’s own stem cells had two distinct disadvantages:

  1. The age of the cells and tissue growth factors.
  2. The lack of scaffolding cytokines-which are needed for collagen formation and regeneration.

Those potential obstacles were overcome through the discovery of perinatal growth factors and stem cells. It turns out that the umbilical cord and placenta tissue have all that is missing in one’s own stem cells and growth factors.

Umbilical stem cells are young and vital. The growth factors and cytokines are also very potent. This human cells and tissue-based product (HCT/P) is very effective in regenerating damaged joints ligaments and tendons.


A more detailed analysis of the main growth factors found in different orthobiologic sources. You should notice the checks represent the presence and relative amounts of these cytokine/growth factors and MSC’s.

Predictive insists on rigorous research on every product they develop. They take the extra steps to identify the optimal tissue source from which to derive human cell and tissue products to better support the body’s natural regenerative process and aid in its repair.

Over time healthy tissue can become dysfunctional due to age and injury. A human cell or tissue product, HCT/P, is administered to a recipient to repair, reconstruct, replace or supplement the same basic functions of the recipient’s cells or tissues.

Predictive Biotech’s human cell and tissue allografts supplement similar tissues in your body via scaffolding, growth factors, general and homeostatic cytokines.

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