Hip Pain

This can be mimicked by many conditions of the lower spine, pelvic tendons, gluteal attachments to the lateral hip or trochanter. Hip replacement has become way too frequently used and is not the first place to start your quest to end hip problems and hopefully not the last one either. A full hip and lumbar spine evaluation should precede any surgical treatment. Ultrasound scans can reveal the condition of the joint space, the labrum and tendon attachments. I have found cases when a hip replacement was recommended and the problem was not the joint space at all. The other causal factors should be outlined and conservatively treated prior to any treatment using the operating room. RIT using PRP to address the trochanteric attachment tendinopathy can solve many of the problems that are not joint related. If the joint is involved (labral tears and joint degeneration) growth factors from placenta cord cells and tissue matrix have saved many of my patients creating long-lasting resolution from this condition.