Thumb Joint

The base of the thumb, CMC or basal joint, is frequently injured repeatedly by people who work with their hands. Massage therapists, carpenters, construction workers, waitresses, and even gardeners. It is the joint that separates us from those that can’t use tools. Well, we use this joint a lot and it can create problems. Cortisone shots into the joint will cause more degeneration even if it does feel good temporarily. There is no easy and effective surgical technique to address the issue and reliable joint replacement is not done at this point in time. Luckily RIT is effective if the whole joint is evaluated properly and treated before too much of the joint and capsule degenerates. Even with an injury and resulting in arthritic changes the biologics of stem cells from the umbilical cord and the growth factors from the Wharton’s jelly can make a very sore joint relatively functional and pain-free again. Again proper diagnosis to understand the nature of the condition and a solid regenerative approach will improve this condition substantially.