Medical Orthopedics approach vs the Regenerative Medical Specialist method

Orthopedics as it is practiced today, relies on treatments that palliate the symptoms without helping to restore the natural condition of the damaged tissues. Arthroscopic surgery can remove areas of deterioration and damage but this does not regenerate the tissue to become restored again. Steroid injections (cortisone) will decrease the pain without providing building blocks for new tissue regeneration. In fact, steroids degrade the collagen matrix making the already weak tissue weaker. This is a temporary approach at best.

Regenerative based treatments apply growth factors that will make weak cartilage, tendons, and joint spaces new and functional again. The regenerative approach works with you to make your weak and damaged tissues strong and pain free again. The biological elements significantly aid the rehabilitation process. This allows you to heal faster, and play sooner and reversing the aging process. This approach is for the long term and in most cases a permanent resolution.