We utilize one’s own regenerative stem cells, platelets and growth factors to assist in regenerating your damaged or injured tissues. Regenerative biological treatments support and speed the natural occurrence of the healing process. Whether you have excessive wear on your joints and ligaments or aging and sun damage to your skin, the use of regenerative cell lines help the recovery to natural new tissue most effectively and quickly.

In musculoskeletal pain problems the source of the problem resides mainly in the connective tissue. Large or small tears in ligaments, joint tissue cause pain in muscles and nerves. Correction of the problem involves injecting natural substances that create regeneration or regrowth of healthy new tissue. This is done by using PRP or natural prolotherapy solutions.

Damage from both micro and larger tears in the tissues of ligaments, tendons and joint capsules creates the beginning of the “degenerative cascade”. Small tears lead to swelling that can lead to healing but all too often become chronic fibrous or scar formation. This results in tissue changes that the body cannot correct. Joint laxity creates more degenerative changes and inflammation. Chronic pain is the result. If left alone, the degenerative cycle progresses to arthritis and breakdown of the joint space. Unfortunately the trend in conventional medicine is to manage the pain but not address the problem which eventually leads to arthroscopic joint surgery, spine or disc surgery or joint replacement.

Also important to the regenerative process is the right exercise program. Dr. Davison has developed a movement program for this purpose. Integrated QiGong, a longevity movement system, is designed to support the regeneration of all major joints, ligaments and tendons. 

In regenerative medicine, growth factors are generated by injecting ones own growth factors (PRP) or by injecting prolotherapy solutions which helps to generate local growth factors. Both approaches remodel the area of injury, whether caused by repetitive stress injuries or acute trauma. The introduction of growth factors reverses the degenerative progression arthritis, tendinitis and pain and in the skin wrinkles, sagging and blemishes

For skin, the use of regenerative proteins from the your platelets can be gently placed under the facial skin layer to create regrowth of new healthy and younger looking skin. Many spas around the world are using PRP to create a viable and desirable alternative to laser and plastic surgery.