Dr. Davison at Oregon Regenerative Medicine for peripheral nerve hydro dissection training.

As most of us know, the pain signals we experience from trauma or normal wear and tear is transmitted via our nervous system. Most limb pain can be coming from nerve signals that help us slow down or stop what we are doing. Most people who feel pain in joints ligaments or tendons will have damage to those tissues and the nerve signals telling us that are helping to reduce the use of trauma to those tissues.

 But what happens when the tendons, ligaments and joints are healthy or non-injured and we still have a limb or extremity pain?

 In many cases our surface or peripheral nerves can be impinged or pinched at fascial openings where they emerge from.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a good example of impingement of the median nerve as it passes through the fascial tunnel of the wrist. Tingling of the fingers, numbness, pain and reduced dexterity of the hand can be common symptoms of CTS.

One of the best ways to release that impingement is not surgery but nerve hydro dissection. By injecting diluted dextrose around the area of compression on the nerve sheath the pressure is released and the pain is generally permanently gone. This quick, generally painless injection procedure can heal many painful conditions.

This month I attended training in this method to add to our regenerative medical tool bag. If you have pain you don’t understand and feel it may be nerve-related give us a call to get an evaluation and Ultrasound scan to help identify the problem.